Monday, June 27, 2005

John was in a Mediterranean dance performance last week. If it looks like they're dancing in a grocery store, it's because they are! I think it was sort of a publicity thing done by Whole Foods. Anyway, everyone did a great job. John got to lead one dance... Posted by Hello

...which was a job he took very seriously. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

Attention Korea: Cabbage and Baseball Don't Mix

Yes, this is the second baseball-related post this week, but how could I pass up an article about a baseball team's problems with cabbage?! I can't get over the last line of the article: "Even without the cabbage, my pitching won't be affected." =:-D

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

GIANT Tricycle

Here's another picture from our trip. This was at a museum near Ft. Collins, Colorado that has lots of very clever sculptures made out of scrap metal. It also had this enormous tricycle. Can you imagine a kid who could ride it?! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I would like to express sincere condolences to the residents of Colorado, whose baseball team was soundly beaten at the game last night. In an effort to avoid stripping the Rockies of their current position of last place, the Astros won 7-0. Go Astros!

Yes, I was at the game, which is a very rare occurance for me, but I had a great time. Who can argue with half-price tickets, especially when you can go with a great friend who absolutely loves baseball? We got to see a homerun, a double play, a bunch of strikeouts, and a fan proposing to his girlfriend! We had seats right over the bullpen, which was fun too, because we were in the front row of our section and could look down and watch the players practicing, warming up, stretching, and flipping sunflower seed shells at each other!

My only regret about the game was that I forgot to take my camera!! You'll have to imagine us there, I guess. If you go here, and click on section 256, you can see the view we had.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Essential tool for a REAL Texas BBQ!!

We saw this great barbecue grill at a rest stop in north Texas. I think it's great to have a state with such an interesting shape! Of course, everyone who lives in boring rectangles like Colorado and Kansas would probably say that except for this one, all grills are shaped like their states! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Back From Vacation!

Well, we made it back from our two week trip, and are definitely glad to be home. We had a good time, though. We got to visit a lot of friends and family and spend time in cool, beautiful Colorado. The highlight of the trip was our time at a YMCA camp up in the mountains. We've been there many times before, and always have a wonderful time. Here are a few snapshots from our three days there.

The mountains were breathtaking. I love the Rockies! Posted by Hello

a moment of reflection...Seth sort of hates me for this one! Posted by Hello

King of the rafters! I think this picture makes up for the last one (hopefully). Posted by Hello

We hiked up to this waterfall which was obviously made of just-melted snow based on how the water felt! Posted by Hello

A chain of yellow dandelions... Posted by Hello

...and one white one. Posted by Hello

Another yummy meal. We worked up quite the appetites with biking, tennis, volleyball, hiking, four-square.... Posted by Hello

Awesome shades, miss. Posted by Hello

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! Posted by Hello

We took a break from our mountain bike ride to look at the map, and Anna gave her legs a quick break too. No, this picture is not sideways! Posted by Hello

We met this friendly horse while out mountain biking. Beautiful, huh? Posted by Hello

Standing, er, sitting, on the Rock. Posted by Hello

Mini golf! Posted by Hello

Yes, that's real snow! Posted by Hello