Thursday, February 17, 2005

Latest "reading"

I recently decided that listening to books on CD would be a good way to pass the time during the approximately ten hours I spend in my car each week. Besides the problem of finding it tough to read the end first, it's been great! (It is possible to get tired of listening to music.) I'm now listening to the second book in the Left Behind series. I really liked the first book, and I think I'm hooked now.

Besides being an exciting, fun read, it's very interesting to read a story based on the Biblical prophecies of the end times. I've never done much in-depth study on the end times because I've always thought it doesn't really matter. None of us can know for sure exactly how it will all happen. The important thing is to believe that Christ will return someday, and we should be ready.

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little sister #1 said...

Katie, not being able to read the end first is a GOOD thing.