Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New Inspirations

I went to a terrific conference this weekend. I learned a lot and was really inspired in several areas of my Christian life. I also ended up very stiff from sitting, but it was definitely worth it! The conference was through Worldview Weekend, an organization I can now wholeheartedly recommend. The speakers were excellent, and spoke on a variety of topics including creation, Christian apologetics, the Biblical founding of our country, and evangelism.

The speakers who talked about evangelism were Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort of The Way of the Master. They were both dynamic speakers with very inspiring messages. They talked about how important it is for every believer to be actively sharing his faith. They also pointed out how to avoid some of the pitfalls of many modern evangelism methods. It's extremely hard for me to go up and start talking to strangers about anything, much less the gospel, but I've decided to at least try to start giving away tracts. I guess it's a start!

A side note: It was fun to see a movie actor in real life! It was a little hard to not think of him as Buck Williams of the Left Behind movies rather than Kirk Cameron, ordinary guy except for being famous!

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