Friday, November 17, 2006

Fun Shopping Trip

The truth is, I like shopping...some of the time. I don't like it as a form of entertainment, but when I'm looking for something in particular and I actually find it, then it's fun. This trip was especially fun because I had a bunch of coupons and gift cards to redeem.

This "dancing tea light candle holder" was free at Bath and Body Works

when I bought a bottle of oily skin foaming facial wash. I hope it works.

Oh, and I stopped here:

for my free hot dog. (Hmmm, maybe my face wouldn't be breaking out if I didn't eat junk food. Oh, well, I don't do it very often.) Then I got Olay lotion ribbons body wash with aloe extract (???)

for $2 off at Walmart. There was a quick stop to get more cash,

and my most exciting purchase: a new optical mouse! No more old-fashioned, troublesome rollerball for me. ($10 off at OfficeMax)

I was quite pleased with this too: a lovely bread tray on sale at Macy's. Final price after using gift card: $0.81.



Jessica said...

Any shopping trip that includes Bath & Body Works and Macy's sounds really, really fun to me. : ) haha!
I was sad not to have you with us last weekend. Hope to see you next campout!!!

Katie said...

Thanks, Jessica! I was sorry to miss the camping trip, too. Hopefully I can come next time