Thursday, July 05, 2007

Vacation Part Two

We headed back to Texas through Missouri and Arkansas, and stopped in St. Louis to see the Arch.

John outside the very small tram door.

It was a very exciting ride!

Here we are at the top, looking out the observation windows.

We also went through the museum below the arch. Becca is good at mimicing statues and doing funny stuff for the camera!

We were blessed to stay at the home of our friends, the Servens. They made this fantastic bonfire, which was great fun. It also helped us get our minds off our troubles, since we were down in the dumps because our van had been robbed in St. Louis that afternoon. Someone broke a window and took some electronics, money, and other items that were inside. It was a troubling and very inconvenient occurance, but we're just thankful no one was hurt. We were able to get a new window the next day, so we were able to continue our trip. We left St. Louis a little sadder and a lot smarter.


Jessica said...

Your vacation sounded so fun except for that part about being robbed. Thanks for posting pictures!

The Serven Clan said...

Dear Pedersens,

Thanks so much for coming out of your way to stop by our home in MO. We were so glad to see your family and grateful for the time of fellowship. We hope the Lord is continuing to give you peace since loosing some things "that moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal". How kind the Lord is to promise that as our hope is in Him, he will fulfill those desires in the treasure of the gospel.

The Serven Clan