Friday, January 06, 2006


At the suggestion (request, urging, demand?) of my friends Lindsay and her mother, Lora, I put together my answers to the sevens quiz. Here goes.

Seven Things I Cannot Do Well
1. Say no.
2. Cultivate deep friendships
3. Cook without making a big mess
4. Stop laughing at my own jokes
5. Keep from blushing when I’m embarrassed
6. Get up in the morning without snoozing the alarm
7. Avoid killing houseplants

Seven Things That Would Attract me to a Future Husband
1. Age 10: male
2. Age 20: dark hair, tall, muscular, rich, excellent dancer, romantic, British accent
3. Age 30: kind, good job, doesn’t mind that I have gray hairs already
4. Age 40: doesn’t smoke, still has some hair
5. Age 50: has teeth
6. Age 60: remembers who I am from one visit to the next
7. Age 70: alive
Just kidding. Sorry, people, my REAL list is confidential. There’s no telling who might be reading this blog! But if anyone really cares, it’s possible that there might be a tiny bit of truth in this. In that case, it’s noteworthy that I’m almost halfway between twenty and thirty. And for anyone who really, REALLY cares, don’t worry, my real list is much more significant than this nonsense.

Seven Things I Say Often
1. Hi and How are you? (They mean the same thing.)
2. Please and Thank you (I’m very polite.)
3. Okay (I’m agreeable, too.)
4. What!?! (I guess I’m not always agreeable.)
5. Yeah, right (Sometimes I’m sarcastic.)
6. This is one of those things that requires balance. (when I’m waxing eloquent)
7. Ummmmm. (when I’m the opposite of eloquent)

Seven Authors, Books, or Series I Love
1. John Piper
2. Janette Oke
3. James Herriot
4. Charles Swindoll
5. Tale of Two Cities
6. Christy
7. Ben-Hur

Seven Movies I Watch Over and Over Again
(I don’t know about over and over again, but I do own all of these)
1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Lord of the Rings
3. Sound of Music
4. You Can’t Take it With You
5. Batman Begins
6. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
7. Left Behind

Seven Things I Hope to do Before I Die
1. Go on a hot air balloon ride
2. Get married and have children
3. Hike the Grand Canyon
4. Ride a motorcycle
5. Visit a castle
6. Go skiing
7. Lead someone to the Lord
8. See the Great Wall of China
9. Start a business
10. Have a porch swing
11. Get a piece of writing published
12. Learn to stencil
13. Read David Copperfield
14. Go through the Panama Canal
15. Drive a Mini Cooper for a day
16. Tour Israel
17. Save someone’s life
18. Plant a tree and have it stay alive
19. Wear a formal gown
20. See an iceberg breaking
Oh wait!! It was only seven things! Okay, add to the list of things I can’t do well: “Follow rules.”

Seven People I Want to do This
1. Are
2. There
3. Seven
4. Who
5. Read
6. My
7. Blog?
I’m not sure about this. ;-)


Lindsay said...

I enjoyed reading this! I have trouble with houseplants too... namely a fern in my room I kept forgetting to water.

Lora said...

Thank you for posting your 7s. Gene and I both enjoyed them. I hope to get to mine this week.... but don't hold your breath.

Ray said...

1. It helps if you WATER the house plants. (smile)
2. Ben is 5.5 out of 7, which isn't bad.
3. Left Behind?! OK, this is before your eschatology was properly informed? (smile)
4. A little over two years later, how many of those 20 things have you done yet? (I've done 4 of them.)

Katie said...

1. Give me a break, I water them and they still die!
2. Hahahahahaha!!!
3. Yes, the amount of study I'd done on eschatology was pretty much none. Even though I don't agree with the premise of the movie now, it's still an entertaining story if you take it as fantasy.
4. Hmmm, I actually have done a couple of these now: #9 and #16. I need to get busy on the rest of it.

Ray said...

Let's see... how are we doing...

I'm helping with #2. Does a wedding dress qualify on #19?

I have a few ideas for some of the other ones. (wink)