Friday, June 02, 2006

Expanding My Horizons

I'm a pushover, which is how I ended up at a Mary Kay party last night. A friend of mine is starting a Mary Kay business, and I wanted to support her, plus she promised not to smear makeup all over me and she said, "Don't put on anything you don't want to!" So I went. Me, who thinks makeup is cruel and unusual punishment, who believes that thirty minutes should be plenty of time to go from just-crawled-out-of-bed to ready-to-face-the-world, who gets treated like an art project whenever I get near women with makeup applicators, who doesn't even put lipstick on for dance performances half the time.

Much to my relief, the evening was more about skin care than color. I can handle lotions and cleansers a little better than eye shadows and lip liners, which strike fear into my heart. So, I actually had a pleasant time, and best of all, I did not have a huge breakout when I got up this morning, which has happened to me before following other, less fortunate makeup experiences.

I may have allowed myself to get a little too comfortable, though, because I found myself signing up to be a model/sample face/practice subject, or something like that at another event next week. Part of me thinks I must be nuts, but the other part of me thinks it will be fun. I'll let you know.

Trying to get in touch with my girly side and praying I don't end up looking like this,

Blank Canvas, at your service.


Lindsay said...

You actually went to another one?? I remember just how thrilled you were after that one you went to in September. :)

And I completely understand your fear of eye makeup. It can be a rather scary thing. I don't like eye shadow on myself, and won't get anywhere near eyeliner. However, I will sometimes use a bit of powder and blush, but just enough to even out the skin tones. The clown look certainly isn't for me! :D

BonnieJ said...

Awww, I'm sure you won't end up looking like that clown :)

I do the opposite of Lindsay; the only thing I wear (other than lipgloss sometimes) is eye makeup. The other stuff scares me :p

Have fun!

Jessica said...

That sounds like so much fun, Katie!! I think I am in the minority here among your commenters, but I love make-up! The more you practice the easier it gets to make it look natural. :) I wear eye shadow, eye liner, foundation's all good :) Anyway, that was a really fun post!

Katie said...

We sure have some different opinions! BTW, I survived last night, and actually didn't look much different from usual when I got home! It ended up being more of a product testing than a makeover, which is completely OK with me.