Sunday, June 11, 2006

From the Yard

This hibiscus bush might be getting a little bit carried away, but it sure is beautiful! (I can say that because I'm not the gardener.)


Methuselah said...

Pleasing to the eye for me, do you have to water hibiscus bushes very often?

Katie said...

Just every few days, I think, but like I say, I'm not the gardener. I'm sure they have to be watered more often when it's especially hot, which is about half the year here in Texas! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Houston only has two seasons, summer and Christmas.


Lora K. said...

You are quite right about not watering too often (I am the gardener at our house). Hibiscus likes to slightly dry out between waterings, though, as you also pointed out, down here, that's pretty often. Yours is doing really well. Ours died back a great deal over the winter, I wonder if that's because they were in pots and the cold could get to the roots.

In Him,

BonnieJ said...

They are beautiful!

Carolj said...

Lovely color!