Friday, October 13, 2006

Fall is Finally in the Air

It's been hot here, with only an occasional and brief tease of cool weather, until this week. A front came through that brought some very impressive storms and wonderful cool weather. We actually got down to the low 60s! Yes, that's good for Houston in October. We opened the windows this morning, and my father decided he'd better wear a coat to work. Ahhhh, I love fall!

I am hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow, though. I rented a space at a flea market, and I'm going to try to sell gift baskets and some hand-cut silhouettes I made.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel wonderful? My sisters are spending as much time outside as possible because it feels so great.

Beka said...

Awww!! I want to be at home to go on picnics and walks!!!! (The weather here in Paris is pretty crummy....) Next year we'll plan outdoor outings, okay?! :o)