Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We had an exciting novelty this morning: something outside actually froze! The temperature was right at freezing, and we'd had drizzly rain, so there were little tiny icicles all over the plants. You can sort of see a few in this picture taken from my bedroom window. They were very pretty and delicate-looking, not quite like the 3-foot icicles we sometimes had on our house on Wyoming. We used to break those off and use them for swords.


Beka said...

It got down to FREEZING in HOUSTON???? It is about 50, here in Paris, and it's almost 11pm! :o) Amazing!

Lindsay said...

Icicles get to be three feet long?? I seriously didn't know that! But the ice really was amazing this morning! We've never seen anything like that before... :)