Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wedding Music

I had the opportunity to play the piano for a friend's wedding last Saturday. It went very well, and was a nice wedding. I found that there's much more to playing for a wedding than just learning the music, though. The hardest part was getting the timing right. There were different songs for different parts of the processional, so I had to figure out where to stop so that it sounded good but everybody wasn't sitting there waiting for the song to be over. I had to watch and see how fast everyone was walking in hopes of getting to a good stopping place at the right time. Whew! I guess it was okay, though, because I got postive feedback afterward. Yay!

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Jessica said...

That sounds like such a neat thing to do. I actually didn't know you played the piano, Katie! But when I got to thinking about it, I was like, well, you have a very musical family, I'm not surprised that you play the piano! :)