Thursday, March 08, 2007

Don't Jump to Conclusions

So, what does it mean when a girl gets a set of nice glass dishes, a set of cooking pots, a slinky nightgown set, a cheese grater, a wall hanging, and a wedding dress all on the same day?

Well in this case, it means that my very generous and apparently unsentimental friend, who is moving out of state, gave me a whole car load of stuff to either keep or sell. She thought the things she had were too valuable to just give to Goodwill, but she didn't want to mess with trying to sell them. It wasn't all things of variety, by the way. There were normal clothes, an old Barbie doll, and a balaliaka. What fun!

So did my sister and I try on the wedding dress? Of course!


Beka said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! What kind of wall hanging??? :o) Slinky nightgowns? Oh, la la! ;o) A wedding dress??!!! So funny! I wish you had pics of you and your sisters in the dress! Did it fit you or Anna? Is it pretty? :oD

Katie said...

:-) Yes, it did fit actually! Anna and I are the same size, more or less, so it fit both of us. We didn't think to take pictures, for some reason. We might have to get it out again! We're not sure we'd ever really wear it, because it's tea-length and has an ill-advised giant bow on the rear (!) but we figured with four girls in the family, we ought to keep it. I'm sure we could take that horrible bow off.

Beka said...

Ooo, fun! :o) (well, "fun" minus the bow!) What is the bodice like? Heart neck, v-neck, scoop, etc? Is it more ivory or white? (I'm just trying to picture you and Anna in it!)