Monday, March 19, 2007

The Luck O' the Irish

I was at the rodeo on Saturday, which was St. Patrick's Day, as you know. As I was in the sea of people ascending the huge ramp up to the upper levels of the stadium, all of a sudden, somebody pinched me! I turned to see who in the world was pinching me, and I found a complete stranger! It was a guy who appeared to be in his late teens who immediately said, "Oh, I'm sorry, you do have green on!!" I was wearing a white t-shirt with a green rhinestone shamrock on the front, thank you very much.

I couldn't be too offended, because the guy's friends started giving him a really hard time with a chorus of "Way to go, loser!" They'd probably dared him to do it in the first place. I think he needs to find new friends.

And maybe next year, I should wear a shirt that has green on the back too.

By the way, what's the deal with teenaged guys lately?


Beka said...

"...with teenage guys lately?" Ummm, this may seem a bit rude, but has it just been “lately” that guys are a slight mess? ;o) You should have slugged him and seen what he would have done then! :o) (Just kidding!)

Who did you see at the rodeo? I pray I can be home next year for the rodeo!!!! I miss it SO much!

Katie said...

Yeah, maybe I should have slugged him! I wonder what would have happened if I had started screaming at the top of my lungs? :-)

The concert was Brooks & Dunn, and they did a good show. I enjoyed it, especially since they did my favorite of their songs, "Only in America."

Beka said...

I like that song too! I realllllly enjoyed their concert, when I went about 5 years ago!!!

LOL!!!! You screaming sounds quite entertaining! ;o)