Friday, May 18, 2007

Table For One, Please

My recent trip to San Antonio started me thinking a lot about what a loner I am. I thoroughly enjoyed going on a vacation by myself. I didn’t have to coordinate with anyone, I could move at my own pace (fast), and I didn’t care that I didn’t have anyone to share the experiences with. I can enjoy an activity as much by myself as with other people, oftentimes more. I also enjoyed the feeling of independence and the challenge of seeing how much I could do without needing help from anyone.

The problem is that I’m not at all sure this is healthy. It’s way too easy for me to get wrapped up in my own little world and be no good to anyone else. I heard myself say one time that friends are over-rated. Frankly, if I hadn’t grown up in a large family, I’m not sure I’d have any close friendships at all. I’m realizing though, that there is a balance needed. It’s not good to be dependent on others for happiness, but it’s also not good to never invest in relationships.

Relationships: That’s what it really comes down to.
What gets us back on track when we start to drift? relationships
What is behind our most treasured memories? relationships
What lets us know when our ideas are crazy? relationships
What encourages us when we’re down? relationships
What is our primary means of sharing the gospel with the lost? relationships

I guess I shouldn’t give up on friends after all.


Beka said...

"Don't give up...because you are loved." (to borrow lyrics from Josh Groban!!) ;o)

You are an independent gal, and that's great! I think you ARE balanced! You enjoy things by yourself and with others! I think it can never hurt to make more friends and bring others closer! Everyone needs someone to hang out with, once in a while!

I am someone who does not enjoy things as much on my own. I CAN enjoy things, but I'd much rather share the experience with another person. I like my independence in certain areas, though, too!


Jessica said...

It's interesting to hear your perspective because I am the type of person who hates (absolutely, positively hates) to be by herself! I'm not clingy or anything (at least I try very hard not to be), but I love people and being with them. Sometimes I wish I could function better on my own. My first few weeks at school this spring were miserable because I didn't know anybody and was by myself. Once I made friends everything was better, but I had to be careful who I was friends with! Anyway...I think friends are great, and we shouldn't be loners, but it was interesting to hear a perspective completely different from my own.

Ray said...

Interesting reading through your old posts, my love. I'm glad you're my best friend. :-)