Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not Sure What I Think About This

I was in Forever 21, a trendy clothing store, yesterday. It was mostly an entertainment time (you know, "who wears this stuff?!"), but I did find a skirt I liked. When I got home, I noticed John 3:16 on the bottom of the bag:

My first response was, "Huh?" It sure hadn't seemed like a religious store. Some of the merchandise was nice, most was on the line between cute and daring, and some of it was down-right scandalous. A bit of internet research clued me in that the verse on the bags is due to the Christian faith of the founders/owners of the chain. Okay, but something isn't quite jiving here. A clothing store that mostly caters to young women who are trying to show off their bodies can't Christianize itself just by putting a scripture reference on the bags...can it? It's a strange version of "in the world, but not of it" if you ask me.

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