Friday, July 15, 2005

Hotel Garden

This was the garden balcony at our hotel. It was a very pleasant place to eat breakfast each morning and to relax in the evenings. One day, we sat down on the chairs without getting the cushions, and the hotel manager quickly showed up with an armful of cushions saying, "Please sit on a cushion. It's not healthy without it!" Being the uncultured Americans that we are, we laughed about that for days.

We could see three countries from the balcony, but Switzerland, Germany, and France all looked pretty much the same! Posted by Picasa


Lindsay said...

It looks so bright and cheerful, and like a nice place to sit and relax at!

Katie said...

Yes, it was. It made me wish for a house with a garden patio. But I guess if I had it all the time, I might not appreciate it as much!