Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Luzern Arch

This is the entrance to the train station in Luzern. Nice, huh?! We had planned to set up a festival in a nearby square, but when we arrived, an orchestra was just getting ready to perform a concert! There was certainly a crowd there, but they weren't the least bit interested in us. So, we crossed the river, and set ourselves up along a busy sidewalk. Even though it wasn't quite what we had planned, it still worked out. We got to talk to quite a few people as they passed by.

A couple of friends and I met a woman who had grown up in Los Angeles, so she certainly spoke English! She said she had a Catholic mother and a Muslim father. She believed that any religion was fine as long as you believed in something. Even though she wasn't very open to what we had to say, we at least gave her some things to think about.

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The Serven Clan said...

Hi Katie,

We have been out of the blogosphere lately as our computer ate up all the blog links during our move . . . I finally got a chance to find your blog today--wow. I did not even know you were going to Switzerland! What an exciting trip. Thanks for the pictures. : )