Monday, August 29, 2005

Age Problems

The other day, I had a hard time at the library because I look so so young. I'm used to people saying, "You look so young!" Do they really think I don't know that? Then they say, "You'll be glad of it someday!" Yeah, like I haven't heard that before either. Comments like that aren't so bad, but this librarian wouldn't let it go. You have to be at least 18 to check out movies, and she kept asking me, "Are you over 18? Are you sure you've checked out movies on this card? Did you get it updated when you had your birthday? So, you are over 18, huh?"

I was about ready to forsake my Christian character and launch into a huge speech: "Now look here, lady. I'm 23 years old, thank you very much. I'm a full-time, full-fledged insurance agent. I own a car and just bought a computer. I've voted in two presidental elections. And, I am a former library employee!!! I worked here for two years! I could tell you the dewey decimal call number for books about the Bermuda Triangle! I BELIEVE I AM QUALIFIED TO CHECK OUT A VIDEO!!!!!!!"

(Whew, I feel much better now.)

I didn't really say all that, of course, but I wouldn't have been a bit surprised if the library nazi had demanded to see my driver's license. Good grief! Would I really lie about my age in order to check out a video about how to do the Texas Two-Step?!? Honestly.

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Lindsay said...

lol!! I know how you feel... I get stuff like that all the time. It's like people feel like they absolutely have to tell me how young I look, as if I don't know that already. I've just been told that for as long as I can remember, why wouldn't I need to be told again? It's a good thing my mom was with me when I went to see the movie Saturday, as I didn't have my id with me, and they wouldn't have let me in, as there's no way they would have believed I'm 20! Sometimes I feel like getting a shirt that says something along the lines of, "Yes, I know I don't look it, but I really am 20!"