Thursday, August 11, 2005

Texas Bug

I saw this weird bug on our garage door last night. I have no idea what kind of bug it is, what it eats, or whether it bites or not, but I though it was photo worthy.

I could probably find out what kind of bug this is if I read the Texas Bug Book, but I don't have time or interest for reading bug books, quite frankly. But for you bug lovers out there, you can get this book at the library. And if you really, really, really like bugs, here's more than you ever wanted to know about everyone's neighbor, the cockroach.

One last thing: Make sure you don't miss this website about the biggest and best bug in Texas. It's even got videos!


serven clan said...

Hi Katie! : )

We have been amazed at the bugs here in Missouri--the don't compare with CA's miniscule sized insects. Just last night we saw a praying mantis that was probably 6 inches long. We've seen one too in TX around that size--in CA it would have been 1 inch. : )


Katie said...

Hi Rebecca!

Yes, bugs certainly grow bigger in the south. I've never seen a six-inch praying mantis, though! That would be pretty startling, I would think. Some bugs that we actually wish were bigger are the pesky mosquitoes we have in our house. They're so tiny that we have a terrible time trying to find them and slap them. So they just keep biting us all the time. They especially like my mother, who is starting to go bananas and has taken to wrapping her legs in a bedsheet when she's sitting at the table! She looks a little like a Hindu, but it sure foils the mosquitoes!