Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dance Tales

There are certainly all types when it comes to folk dancing, but I'd have to say the common thread is that most of them are at least a little bit odd. Most are very friendly, also, but there are exceptions. For example, there's a grumpy old man in my folk dance group who has a tendency to be stubborn, demanding, impatient, and grouchy. He sometimes has a hard time learning a dance and will insist on the teacher standing right in front of him and doing it Slower! and Again! until he gets it. Then, if it still doesn't click for him, he throws up his hands in frustrated disgust and bails out. Everyone else just kind of shakes their head and ignores him. Thankfully it doesn't happen very often. I'm telling you all of this because at folk dancing last night, he and his wife were there and his wife was wearing a metal button pin that said, "Shut up and Dance." Hmmmmm, interesting.

In other dancing news, John and I have been doing weekly rehearsals with the group in preparation for doing a Romanian performance at this event. We'll be one of several dance groups putting on the show that night. We're doing four Romanian dances with a live band. It should be a lot of fun. Our first few rehearsals were to learn the dances and get all the steps down, then last week we started working on staging and choreography. That makes it even more fun. We have two more rehearsals, so hopefully everything will come together and we'll all remember to be in the right place at the right time doing the right steps with the right people!

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