Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Forsaken By My Voice

I nearly completely lost my voice on Monday and Tuesday, which is not a good thing for someone who answers the phone about fifty times a day! Nothing else was wrong with me, so I don't know why my voice went away. It did lead to a lot of not-so-symphathetic comments from my family and friends. It's further proof that both at home and at work I exist for comic relief. For example:

"What'd you do? yell at your brothers and sisters all weekend?"

"Are you sure you feel okay? You sound like you're dying!"

"Speak up! We can't hear you!"

"Can you laugh again? I like that little squeak!"

(this one from a sister reading a huge medical book) "I think you have either larynx cancer or a vocal cord nodule."

Thankfully, my voice is fine today, so that rules out larynx cancer, and also means everyone will have to come up with something else to tease me about.

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