Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I have a few questions today:

Why are dry cleaners Oriental and convenience store clerks Middle Eastern?
Why do people buy yellow Hummers? They look like a cross between a tank and a school bus.
Why does everyone seem to think I should be depressed on Valentine’s Day?
Why was there an old man wearing gold hoop earrings at Applebee’s yesterday?


Justin Kelly said...

More questions for pondering.....

Why did kamikazee pilots wear helmets?
Do illiterate people really get the full meaning of alphabet soup?
If a tree falls in the middle....oh never mind :D

And don't feel depressed, "Singles Awareness Day" hit other people yesterday, too!

Katie said...

Those are good questions, too! The one about kamikaze pilots actually has an answer, I just discovered:


Lindsay said...

Why are all the nail places and doughnut shops run by Oriental people as well? We've wondered that one for some time. Well, I can't say they all are, since I haven't even been in one nail place, much less all of them, but any time I've walked by one, it's been run by an Oriental. And it seems like there are nail and doughnut places on every corner here!

Justin Kelly said...

Don't forget the Cleaners!