Friday, September 01, 2006

The Questions I'm Asking Myself Today

Why do I have a crushing feeling that I must prove myself successful to people who seem to be counting on my failure?
What is success anyway?
If you try something and fail, does it mean you never should have started?
Why do people seem to think that because I'm trying several things at once I'm aimless and don't know what I want?
How come it backfires when I tell people only the part of my story they need to know?
Do I really have to share all my ideas and ambitions with everybody, especially when I know they won't like it?
How can I stop caring so much what people think?
Isn't it a good thing to get out of my comfort zone and push myself to try something that doesn't necessarily come naturally?
Why does everyone seem to be so wrapped up in how much money a person makes?
Why can't I think of all the stuff I want to say until after the opportunity is gone?


Lindsay said...

I've asked myself those questions many times as well...

Lora K. said...

One of my favorite lines from the A & E Scarlet Pimpernel movie is when he is talking to the Prince of Wales. The Prince talks about how witty the Pimpernel is and the Pimpernel answers, "I'm afraid I only have carriage wit." When the Prince looks puzzled, the Pimpernel replies, "That's when you think of all of the witty answers in the carriage on the way home." That is often how it goes for me.

Carolj said...

Ugh! Figuring out what to say AFTER the fact. *sigh* That happens to me too.

Jessica said...

You're not the only one asking yourself those questions! Especially the one about why are people so wrapped up in how much money you make...It drives me up the wall. It seems everyone who wants to give me college or career advice only want to encourage me towards what will make me the most money, not what God wants me to do or what I am most suited for. I, more than once, have replied by saying (sarcastically) "It's all about the money, right?" and normally people were like, ", not always..." and then I would smile and try to explain the point of view I was coming from. Anyway. I understand where you're coming from!