Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wireless Networking Blues

I've decided to set up a wireless network at my house, and so far, the score is Computer: 1, Katie: 0. The supposedly simple network that I'm trying to set up is made more complex by the fact that our main desktop is old and doesn't have a wireless card or an ethernet connection. So, I pretty much ignored the router setup instructions and used my laptop to configure the router. Then, I unhooked my laptop and tried to access the wireless connection, which did not work (of course). Oh, the wireless network is floating around out there, just like all the others in the neighborhood, but it won't let me in.

I'm sure all you network experts out there are laughing your heads off, but go ahead. I'll figure this out if it kills me! I will not be undone by a computer! I'll have to make a trip to the computer store and get some parts, then maybe I'll be able to follow the instructions on the second round.

One thing's for sure: I know I worked on the problem too long before calling it a night because I had a dream about internet connection properties windows. Yikes; I don't even usually remember my dreams.

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Lindsay said...

Oh, the joys of computer networking! I haven't yet needed to attempt wireless networking, but I've had a boatload of problems in the past networking our computers. I've gotten to do it several times over the past few years: The initial setup when we switched to DSL, the setup after I got this computer, then the setup after Mama got her current computer. When we had our old computers, I managed to network them so that we could access files from one computer while on the other computer. Once I got this one, I had XP and she still had Windows 98, and it wouldn't work. I haven't worked at it much since we've both had XP. There's a reason I've avoided it...