Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Coming Storm

For the first time since we moved to Houston, we have a major hurricane coming our way. Actually, we have a category-5-third-most-intense-in-history-165-mph-winds hurricane coming our way. Having never been through a hurricane before, the gravity of it really isn’t sinking in. We’re actually a little excited to see what it’ll be like! We know in our heads that there could be flooding, trees could fall on our cars, the roof could blow off, or we could be without power for weeks, but it’s still hard to even comprehend what it’ll be like. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Since we are the northwest side of the city, we do not have to evacuate. Our neighborhood is very unlikely to flood, and although we may have wind damage and power outages, it’s not expected to be severe in our part of town.

We’re busily filling water jugs, cleaning all loose objects out of our yard, especially our new 15-foot trampoline (!), and making other preparations. I sat in line at the gas station to fill up, and was one of the fortunate ones because I only had to wait in line behind two other cars. I also went to the bank to get some extra cash. I certainly wasn’t the only one with that idea, because the ATM was out of money, and the drive-through had a sign that said, “$200 limit on cash withdrawals.”

I’ll be going to work for a while tomorrow morning because we want to make some preparations there. We’ll take our computers to the back room and also pick up small items and take the pictures off the walls so we can reduce damage if the windows blow out. Then I’ll be back home to sit it out over the weekend.

There are so many unknowns right now. We have good friends who are evacuating tomorrow morning because they live in a mobile home, and they don’t know yet if they’ll have a house to come back to. No one can know how much damage there will be or how many people will be affected. We just have to remember that God is in control, and he will provide for us no matter what happens.

As you watch the news, please pray for us that we would be kept from harm, that we would have wisdom through the whole situation, and that we would be able to help our friends and neighbors if the need arises. Please pray also for our city as we go through this storm and whatever aftermath there is. Houston was already stretched because of all the people who came after Katrina. I’ve been encouraged so far at how smoothly the evacuations are going and how many precautions are being taken both by individuals and by the government. I know everyone is extra nervous after Katrina. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for all those people who already lost everything once to be facing another monster storm. But, like I said before, God is still in control.

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