Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Titus 2 Friendships

My church is starting a new program this fall that is designed to help women follow the principle of older women teaching the younger, as described in Titus 2. They'll be matching women up to basically be friends for the year. I think it's a great idea and will help the different ages of women to get connected with each other. It got me to thinking, though, that it's really a little sad that this is necessary. The reality of our modern lives is that we tend to not get out of our circle of peers, and it takes an organized, official effort to make it happen.

I think it takes quite a bit of self-sacrifice to build relationships with those outside of our age group. The young women have to be willing to slow down a little and have the humility to listen to the counsel of older, wiser, more experienced women. The older women, for their part, have to reject the attitude that they've earned their peace and quiet and shouldn't have to help young people with their foolish problems.

Even though you may not have as much in common, relationships with older and younger people can be a great blessing. I think it's healthiest to have friends of all different ages.

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The Serven Clan said...

You are so right Katie. We must treasure the relationships that older women invest in us and at the same time be that older woman to those younger than us (in the faith and also in years).