Monday, September 26, 2005

Imaginary Disaster

What's this, you say? Well, this is what happens when you anticipate your first hurricane and it completely passes you by. Becca (9) and Laura (6) decided to pretend the house was flooded yesterday. You'll see in this picture a house (not to be mistaken for a cardboard box) on stilts, and a multitude of floatable stepping stones. These were carefully set up in convenient paths all over the house. At least now we know who to call on if the house ever really does flood!


Anonymous said...

Actually it wasn't because of the hurricane not coming that Becca and Laura did that. They had to make up some story because they wouldn't want to just do it. They had to have a reason.

Lindsay said...

That's great :D Looks like they were having quite a bit of fun, and they seem to be disappointed that they didn't get a real hurricane!