Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Blog Lives up to its Name

My family went to Taste of Texas last night. I'd been inside the restaurant before, but I'd never eaten there. It was excellent, but I think I enjoyed the building and the atmosphere as much as the food! We had a gift certificate that my father got as a thank-you gift for a speaking engagement. It was enough for our whole family to eat there, plus my grandparents. (10 people!) The restaurant was already completely decked out for Christmas with trees, lights, red bows, huge nutcrackers, and a santa hat on the stuffed deer.

That's something that's been bothering me a little bit. Why is there so much Christmas stuff everywhere already? I went out to lunch and heard Christmas music, I turned on the radio and heard Christmas music, I went to the mail store and they had their Christmas decorations up, and I've even seen homes with their icicle lights up already! I love Christmas and everything, but early November is too soon, I say. I've decided that Houston has only two seasons: Summer and Christmas.

In other news, the new salesman at my office (who's really nice and has a great sense of humor, by the way) seems to think it's part of his job description to tease us two girls all the time. On Friday, he started calling us "Thing One and Thing Two" because of all the goofy stuff we do. I can't honestly say this is undeserved. I'm trying to decide if we should call him the Cat in the Hat, but I think not because that would mean he could keep us in a big red wooden box.

I'm not sure if I'm Thing One or Thing Two, but I think I'm Thing Two (Hey! A tongue twister!) because I spent the day losing pens and finding them in strange places after the other girl accidentally burned her hair in my candle. Whatever the case may be, our new motto is: "We know how to have lots of good fun that is funny!"

In yet other news, we're having Thanksgiving dinner today because my Grandparents are here and John and I will be out of town next Thursday through Sunday. So, I have pumpkin pie in the oven that I probably ought to be checking on. I don't want to burn it up like I did the walnuts the other day. Have you ever noticed that when toasting walnuts, there's only a thirty second difference between perfect and inedible?


Kim Kelly said...


You and Elizabeth have been without someone to harass you for TOO long....glad to know that someone has stepped up to the plate!

Taste of Texas is a family favorite, too! Since we have a late November birthday and an early December birthday, we have also managed to be there for the holiday decorations - they are so very festive.....and unique! It is our favorite time to be there. It is really nice that your entire family was able to go there, and especially nice that you were able to EAT there, too.

Please extend our wishes for a happy thanksgiving to your family and have a safe trip!

Mrs. K

Katie said...

Thanks! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, too.

Yes, Stephen is definitely filling in for all the harassing we used to get from Mr. Kelly! You all will have to stop by and meet him sometime.

Lindsay said...

I beg to differ. We actually have three seasons. You forgot baseball season. ;)