Monday, November 14, 2005

Squash Face

This is funny for two reasons. First, it reminds me of one time when my sister, Laura (age 6) asked my mother if she could get all her hair cut off. (My mother said no.)

The other reason this is funny is because my family has a tradition of drawing faces on appropriately-shaped produce. Butternut squash works particularly well. It gets especially funny when someone draws a face on the week's squash and signs his or her name!
I think the motivation for this probably came from Veggietales. Speaking of which, what's your favorite Veggietales song? Mine is "His Cheeseburger." These things are important, you know.


Dear Lovey Heart said...

i am quite partial to the pirate one "and i've never seen boston in the fall"

Katie said...

That one is great!

"I've never smelled a stink bug,
and I've never licked a spark plug...

and I don't look good in leggings..."

I see on your blog that you're a college student. I'm glad I'm not the only twenty-something who thinks Veggietales is great!

Lora said...

My favorite is Stuffmart Rap, partially because I'm at Walmart waaay too often. I also like the one about Daniel and the hungry crocodile. Though the girls roll their eyes at me unmercifully when I begin to dance and sing with it.

Lindsay said...

I absolutely love Larry's High Silk Hat: "A great big squash just sat upon my hat! A great big squash just squished my hat real flat!"

I love His Cheeseburger too, and the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Oh, and I love it when Larry tries to sing the blues! :D

Katie said...

It's hard to pick one favorite isn't it! I like the blues, too, mostly because of Blind Lemon Lincoln (or is it Blind Lincoln Lemon?). Anyway, I always dissolve into fits of laughter when he starts pounding his guitar on the porch! :-D My family just looks at me with pity.