Friday, March 31, 2006

Would You Have Done It?

This morning before work, I went to the local 99-cent store and stood in a line kind of like this: Okay, not really. There were only about fifty people in line actually. The store was giving one of these:
to the first nine people in line. The store opened at 8:00, and I got there around 7:15. There were already quite a few people in line, and we asked the store-employee-crowd-control guy, "When did those first nine guys get here?" His answer: "2:30 yesterday afternoon." !!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, now ipods are great, I'm sure, but they aren't that expensive. Who in their right mind would spend the night on the sidewalk in front of the 99-cent store for anything?! I'm not that nuts, but I did stay in line even though the ipods were gone because the next 99 customers got one of these:
for 99 cents. I'm sure my siblings will enjoy it, and it didn't make me very late to work. They owe me, though.


Lindsay said...

Daddy was seriously considering going to our this morning, but decided against it. With people in line for that long though, I doubt he would have gotten anywhere near the ipods! Wow...2:30 yesterday?? That is rather crazy.

Kim Kelly said...

Well, our family is notorious for being in line in the pre-dawn hours for post-Thanksgiving bargains at the mall. I know a certain someone who used to work in your office who camped out all night for a laptop last year. Part of it is the comradery you have with all the other crazies out there, too.

By the way, how many trips to startbucks have you made since it opened?

Katie said...

Yes, I guess it's not just obtaining the item that motivates people to do that. It's the whole experience.

I actually haven't been to the new Starbucks yet!! I seem to always be in a blazing hurry when I leave work, and I never leave home soon enough to stop before work. I'm sure I'll get there eventually, though.