Thursday, May 11, 2006

What Is Your Mother Worth?

There was a study done recently that tried to put a monetary value on everything a mother does. They determined that if you hired someone to do all the child care, cooking, cleaning, laundry, chauffeuring, counseling….that it would cost almost $135,000 per year. That’s not a bad salary, but is that really what a mother is worth? How do you put a value on things like a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, wise advice, and a love so strong she’d lay down her life for you? What about all the backrubs, kisses, and hugs? And you could never hire someone to adequately teach you either to be a woman or to love a woman, could you? Would a maid-housekeeper-cook teach you about God, pray for you every day, and sacrifice her own happiness for yours? I don’t think so. So what’s a mother worth, anyway? I’d say: Priceless.


Jessica said...

That was soooo beautiful Katie! :)

Katie said...

Thank you!