Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Have You Ever Stolen Anything?

Several members of my family like to give away million-dollar-bill tracts, which are very popular. That fact was driven home the other day when my sister went to the orthodontist office. Both she and my father have braces, and when she went for her appointment, the lady at the front desk asked her, “Is your father the one who gives away those million-dollar bills?” When Anna said yes, the lady asked if she had any more because someone, probably the cleaning people, had taken hers. It turned out that my mother had some in the car, so they gave the lady a replacement. Anna noticed that the lady had a big yellow post-it note on her desk that said, “To whoever took my million-dollar bill: I want it back!!”

We all thought that was hilarious, and find it fantastic that people are asking for tracts, and when they lose them, they ask us for replacements!


Lora K. said...

I may have Gene post this on the GNN board, they will love it!

Lindsay said...

That's great! :D And that post-it note is just hilarious.