Friday, July 28, 2006

Wrist Vacation

Today, I'm amusing myself by seeing if I can drive the mouse left-handed all day. Well, actually my right wrist has been sore and I'm afraid I'm developing one of those repetitive-stress-injury-office-malady-whachamacallit-things, so I'm giving my wrist a break to see if it helps.

So far, it's just a good time-killer since I'm super slow with my left hand. I'm getting better, but it's still pretty pathetic. One of my co-workers walked up behind me and saw me overshooting everything on my screen and said "You aren't left-handed!"

Yeah, no kidding. Maybe I should just learn every keyboard shortcut known to man.


Lindsay said...

I've found keyboard shortcuts to be extremely useful when working on website stuff. These are the ones I use most often:

ctrl+c - copy
ctrl+v - paste
backspace - back
ctrl+shift+arrow key - highlights whole words at once

a keyboard shortcut freak said...

Keyboard shortcuts! Aren't they awesome?

I smell a contest, or at the very least, a note-comparison session.