Monday, July 24, 2006

Surprise at the Country Club

I went to a wedding reception at a country club on Saturday. It was very nice and I enjoyed it, but that’s not the point. There would be no story if everything had been merely nice. So here is what happened.

My friend and I were in the restroom, and when we came out, we were met by a staff person who asked us if anyone else was in there because someone had just told him there was a snake in the restroom. A SNAKE!!?!!?!! There are very few things that are more startling than being told there is a snake in the restroom just as you are coming out!

We went back in to help the guy find the snake and to watch the door to keep out females prone to screaming. We were soon joined by another staff person with a big plastic bucket. That’s when it really got funny. These two guys in black uniforms and aprons were in the ladies restroom catching a little grass snake with a five-gallon plastic bucket! The snake turned up next to the sofa in the lounge area, and the guys slammed their upside-down bucket over him. Then, they stood there thinking, “Now what do we do?” We suggested they get a tray out of their kitchen to slide under the bucket and capture the snake that way. They were in no mood to take advice from girls, though. They eventually tilted their bucket a tiny bit, grabbed the snake, and took him outside. The bucket really served no purpose at all!

I hope no one saw the kitchen crew member walking down the stairs with a snake. If they did, at least it was after lunch!


Lora K. said...

Lindsay says these were a bunch of wimpy guys! I mean, they can't even catch a grass snake with their hands?!?! Lindsay says if she'd been there, she'd have shown 'um what a little ole girl can do with a big ole bad snake...alright, little harmless snake.

John said...

Hahah!! That is hilarious.

BTW, this is John from HSA!

Katie said...

Hi John! Thanks for visiting!