Saturday, October 08, 2005

Birthday Concert

My mother's birthday was this week, and she asked us to give her a concert with all our different instruments. It was quite a long concert! She also asked us to each sing a solo, which was a somewhat traumatic experience for some of us. My solution was to play the guitar while I sang because I don't have a very loud voice, and when I sing with the guitar no one can hear me very well! We did have a fun time, though, and Mama said she really enjoyed and appreciated it. Here's a sample of our performances. First, the infamous nose flute: (don't ask) The cutest dulcimer player around:
The tonette virtuoso:
Do not be confused; this is John's mandolin solo. He asked me to play along because he said it would make the song sound better. Then, he gave me specific instructions to play quietly so as not to drown him out. John: "Maybe you should stand over there while you play." Me: "I beg your pardon!"
Anna and Seth played a beautiful tune on the recorder and bowed psaltery. They did a great job and everybody liked it. Those instruments sound great together.
That's it for this year! This is becoming an annual tradition on Mama's birthday. She's going to sit around and watch all the videos when she's eighty.

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