Tuesday, October 18, 2005

World Series Suspense

The Astros' very first World Series is so close!! But, it's not as close as everyone hoped it would be yesterday. It's pretty amusing to read the news reports. I see words like "heartbreak," "gut-wrenching" or "staying alive" depending on where the reporter is from! Our whole city seems to be on the edge of its seat to see if the Astros can pull it off or not. I think a lot of people are turning into over-the-top nuts about it, but I do agree that's it's exciting.

My favorite quote from the news is this one, talking about Pujols' astounding home run: "It also immediately silenced a sellout crowd that had been on its feet and cheering. 'I've never heard 43,000 people shut up like that before.'"

Sniff, sniff :-(

(just kidding)


Kim Kelly said...


The Kellys are watching with anticipation!


Katie said...

May the best team win! :-)

Lindsay said...

It was so disappointing when Pujols hit that home run! We were so close... But the Cardinals don't stand that great of a chance at beating both Clemens and Oswalt, so the Astros have a really good chance at pulling this off :D

Katie said...

That's right, Lindsey. It's not over yet! One can only hope.

Justin Kelly said...

Lest you forget, the Cardinals beat Pettitte, Oswalt, and Clemens 3 games in a row earlier this year!

Also, remember that Clemens pitched Game 7 for the Astros in last year's NLCS - and we all know how THAT one ended up :)

Katie said...

Yeah, yeah, but the Astros did come VERY close to completely sweeping the Cardinals in this series. That is nothing to sneeze at. The St. Louis folks are calling the turnout of game 5 a "miracle" after all. ;-)

Justin Kelly said...

St. Louis fans could also say that they came VERY close to sweeping the Astros. Other than game 2 (4-1), the games which St. L has lost have all been decided by 1 run, and both times they had chances in the 9th inning to tie/take the lead.

As far as a miracle from St. Louis fans, Tony Larussa had the right idea when he said that the Cardinals players play for 27 outs, and not an out less.

Now that the series shifts to a real ballpark that wasn't built for home runs from T-ball players, the Astros (particularly Berkman) will find out how much their offense depends on their home field.

Here's hoping the Redbirds put the 'Stros in their proper place the next two evenings!

Katie said...

It's no wonder you're being ostracized by all the REAL Houstonians at your church!! You remind me of someone I heard calling in to the radio this morning. She said she's a Cardinals fan and has Cardinals bumper stickers all over her car. The DJ said he was surprised her insurance company didn't complain about that.

I'm sure deep down inside, a tiny bit of you thinks it would be a nice thing for YOUR HOMETEAM to get to their first world series.

Lindsay said...

It didn't take me long to become an Astros fan after moving here... surely any Houstonian would be at least a tiny bit excited to see Houston win!

Katie said...