Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Local Frenzy

The Astros fever has been something remarkable to observe the last couple of days. Here's another great message-on-a-sign, that I saw yesterday in front of a bar:

"Chicago, You Have a Problem."

There's also the skyscraper downtown that has certain offices lit up at night so it makes a huge star on the side of the building! And let's not forget the lady I read about yesterday who was hanging big paper bees from her trees (for the "killer B's," the nickname for all the Astros players with names that start with a B.)

Topping the list is the phenomenon of massive crowds of people flocking to Academy to buy NLCS champions T-shirts! The lines were winding back and forth all over the store! Just in case you're wondering, I only know this because I accompanied my friend who's more of a fan than I am and wanted one of those T-shirts.

I think it's funny to see how many people are so excited even though they didn't even like baseball a month or two ago!


Justin Kelly said...

I noticed how quickly you changed the subject from the World Series......what's the matter? :D

Anyway, having been in San Francisco since last Wednesday, it was relieving NOT to have to endure a week of frivilous Astro hype for what turned out to be a lousy W.S. for them.

Speaking of lousy, let's talk about the Astros pitching staff :D

Clemens - 2 Innings and a whole lot of problems
Pettite - Kept Houston close, but not enough
Oswalt - The 5th inning defined the Astros' World Series
Backe - A lone bright spot overshadowed by lack of offense

Lidge - Pitcher who lost the World Series. Period. (Side Note, since Pujols' homer, hitters started to realize that they should just look for a slider, and tattoo it!)
Qualls - 1 pitch = 4 runs :D
Wheeler - not as sharp as regular season
Rodriguiz - he's named Wandy (need I say more?)
Astacio - he made Phil Garner go berserk and throw a chair.....well done

I know there are more, but there will be other days for me to dwell on them......until then.

In closing,
"Bees, where are your sting? Houston, where is your victory?"


Katie said...

Well it's like this: The World Series quickly became not-worth-staying-up-late-for. Plus, the truth is, you're pretty much right. I'd like to know what's up with the Astros offense (or lack thereof).

Elizabeth would disown me if I told her this, but the whole thing made me almost wish I was a Sox fan because that would have been more fun!

I do think, however, that the Sox had an awful lot of plain old luck on umpire calls.

Oh, well, the Astros still had a great season, and at least managed to keep the WS games pretty dramatic.

And now, (drum roll please) life goes back to normal. Whew!

Sorry, Justin, I have a tendency to give up fights a little too easily. :-)