Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Croatian Dancing

John and I haven't had any dance performances for a while, since there really aren't very many festivals in Houston during the summer with it being so hot. Our dance group, Houston International Folk Dancers, has a Croatian performance at a Slavic festival this Saturday, though. I love the Croatian music because it's so happy and lively. We are doing fairly simple dances, but one of the ladies came up with some great staging and choreography to make it more interesting. I hope we can pull it off without mishaps! We'll be performing nine dances, then doing a few with audience participation (hopefully!). If you're bored on Saturday, you should come enjoy the festivities! It will be held at the University of St. Thomas in Jerabeck Athletic Center. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students. There will be cultural and food booths for each nationality, and performances of traditional song/dance as follows:

10:00 am Traditional Slavic Mass honoring Sts. Cyril and Methodius
12:00 pm Procession of Slavic Countries Welcome Greetings by 2005 Festival Chairman Marian Kruzel
12:15 pm National Anthems and greeting from each country; American, Croatian, Czech, Polish and Ukrainian
12:30 pm Presentation of Queen and Princesses
12:40 pm Dance, music and singing: Polish Folk Ensemble "Dunajec"
1:30 pm Czech KJZT Youth Group from Damon
2:00 pm Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish School featuring ethnic Polish singing and dances
2:30 pm "Polonia Austin" University of Texas Polish Folk Dancers
2:45 pm "Houston International Folk Dancers" performing Croatian dances (that's us!)
3:30 pm SOKOL Czech Gymnastics Group
4:00 pm Juravli Ukrainian Dancers of Houston
4:45 pm P.O.L.K. of America
5:45 pm Dance, music and singing: Polish Folk Ensemble "Dunajec"
7:00 pm Festival Closes


The Serven Clan said...


Sounds like fun! I wish we were closer. : ) BTW, I actually know a couple of girls who are attending school at St. Thomas. Small world!

Katie said...

Wow! It really is a small world.

We wish you were closer, too (or we were closer to you!). In fact, just last night we were talking about different families we know that we feel like we really have a lot in common with (there aren't very many) and your name came up. We all agreed that we wish we could see you more often, but at least we can keep with each other via cyberspace.