Sunday, October 30, 2005

Visiting Africa

Once a year, my family "visits" another country for a day. We get music, costumes, and decorations from the country, make an ethnic meal, and read about the country. This year, we did Tanzania. Here's Anna with the lower half of her life-size drawing of a giraffe: My mother used flowers, coconuts, and plantains to decorate the table:
Cooking up a storm:
The littlest African:
The whole tribe:
It was so much fun!

On a side note, we had a hilarious incident when John, in full costume, had to go outside to get something out of his truck. Just as he went out, two teenage girls were walking by! Oops.

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Ashley said...

First of all......this is not SPAM lol, I love the idea of "visiting" another country for the day. Sorry but I'm gonna have to steal your tradition and make it my own lol. Love it, absolutely love it.