Friday, December 16, 2005

Million-Dollar Problems

I read this story in the latest Way of the Master newsletter and thought it was great. I've given these tracts away before, and they're a lot of fun. It's especially fun to give them to the workers at fast food drive-throughs.
"Two of our employees, Jaylene and Trish, decided to stay a bit late at the ministry. As they drove home through a rather high-crime area, they took a few moments to slow down and hand some Million Dollar Bill tracts through their car window to some youths on the side of the road.
Suddenly, a police car pulled up behind them and flashed its headlights. The women pulled over and waited. They realized that they had approached youths at night in a gang-infested area (which isn't the wisest thing for two females to do). But they also realized that it doesn't exactly look good when money is passed out of a car in a drug-ridden area.

"When the officer came to the window, Trish said, "It might not be what you think it looks like! You're probably going to think that we're crazy." Jaylene added, "Those guys need to hear about Jesus. We were giving them gospel tracts!"

"When they gave the officer a Million Dollar Bill tract and showed him the pink and blue Curved Illusion tracts, he smiled and said, "You're showing the wrong person. I'm already saved." He was a brother in Christ, and he didn't stop them because of what they were doing, but because their license plate light wasn't working. The women then gave him a stack of tracts, encouraging him to witness."


Lindsay said...

That's a great story! I love giving those tracts away. :) Though I get rather paranoid about walking downtown with them! I don't really want to get hit over the head for all the "money" people see me with...

Melissa Lea said...

That is a really good story!

Lora said...

I don't know if you remember me talking about my friend at Living Waters, but it's Jaylene. She is a wonderful girl with a true heart for the lost. She is so encouraging every time I talk to her.