Thursday, December 01, 2005

Office Plants

OK, it's officially December now, so I think it's high time to decorate for Christmas. In keeping with the season, I believe I'll get a poinsettia to put on my desk, maybe one with a little more green than this one: I actually have a plant on my desk right now, but it's starting to look a little like this:
I have a hard time keeping plants alive in my office. I might have to give up and get a fake one. I've had two, and they've both caught some sort of terminal disease. It's a little depressing.


Justin Kelly said...


Just make sure it's a "Christmas" poinsettia, and not a "Holidy" poinsettia.

Kim Kelly said...


Plants and I don't get along, inside or outside. Every year our neighbor gives us a beautiful poinsettia at Christmastime. Even with diligent care, it is usually dead by the end of January. Yes, fake plants are the only way for black-thumbed people like me.

Katie said...

Don't worry, it's definitely a Christmas poinsettia. Isn't it crazy how people don't say "Merry Christmas" very much anymore? Maybe I'll do a post about this.