Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

We went on a very fun camping trip this past weekend. We mostly sat around and talked or went on hikes. One of our hikes was to the office to buy ice cream bars, which I'm not sure really counts. Another hike, though, was almost ten miles long! I'm still recovering from that one, but the four of us who went proved to ourselves that we could walk eight miles in two hours.

In addition to all that, we also thought the campout would be a good time to try the drop-some-Mentos-in-Coke-and-make-a-geyser science experiment. It was fantastic fun even though the geyser didn't go nearly as high as the video we saw on the internet. Oh well. It was still exciting. Anna struck a most excellent pose, too. Seth was our official, self-appointed fire builder.
There was a cold wind on Saturday morning, which made it a good time for cuddling in a blanket.
Seth caught a lizard, tried to get it to eat a gnat, named it Fred, put it in a box, then let it go.
We enjoyed playing our instruments together on Friday night. The people sitting around the fire alternated between clapping and laughing. Hmmm.


Jessica said...

I promise we weren't laughing at you all when we were sitting around the fire! It's always so much fun to hear you all play your instruments! :)
Poor Fred...wasn't he the lizard who was bleeding?

Katie said...

Yes...it was rather unfortunate...Seth accidentally kicked him. He seemed to be OK though.