Monday, April 24, 2006

The Newest Member of the Band

We have recently acquired a string bass, which has been a lot of fun. Every single one of us has tried it out, and it remains to be seen who will actually diligently practice it! It sure is huge though. It's living in my room for now, along with most of the rest of the instruments, and I feel like I have an overgrown room mate. My current decorating theme is large black lumpy things.

John very carefully set the bridge when the bass arrived: When the bass was finally tuned and ready, we gave it a whirl. I think the entire family has sore right index fingers now!
You might imagine that a bass would come in a fairly large box, and you would be right about that. My father says it looks like a coffin, and my mother says maybe we should keep it around just in case someone keels over. Becca and Laura have put it to good use as a train, a cabin, and who knows what else, including this banquet table:

Oh, and by the way, (drum roll please) this is post number


Carolj said...

Hey! Anna said I could find some bass pictures here. Looks good! We went through the sore finger phase too. ;) Whatever you do don't get blisters!!

God bless,

Katie said...

Hi Carol! OK, hopefully we can avoid blisters. Maybe this is why classical musicians use a bow for the bass!

Lindsay said...

The pictures look great! Seth and Anna were telling me all about the bass Saturday night. Sounds like everyone is enjoying it! :)

Jessica said...

Congratulations on the new instrument AND on your 200th post! :)