Monday, April 10, 2006

The Fruit of Gluttony

"So, how was work today?" That's probably what I'll hear when I go home tonight, and I'll have to say something like, "It was really fun, then it was really uncomfortable."

You see, we got a gift certificate for a free half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream from one of our sales reps, and it was about to expire. We decided today was the day for the ice cream, so we went to the store in pursuit of the most excellent flavor. We quickly scanned the Homemade Vanilla, the Triple Chocolate, the Mint Chocolate Chip, and the Strawberry Shortcake, until our eyes fell upon THE ONE. CHOCOLATE BROWNIE OVERLOAD!!!!!! Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter brownies, caramel sauce, walnuts, pecans, chocolate flakes, and whipped cream!! Suddenly time stood still, lightbulbs flashed, and music began to play...or something like that.

We brought the ice cream back to the office and dug in. The only problem was that there were only four people at work today. Now, what are four chocolate-loving office workers going to do with a half gallon of decadent ice cream and no freezer?? Why, eat it all of course!

So now I have a stomach ache.


Lindsay said...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at your plight! But I was laughing with you, not at you, as that sounds sooo good! Well, aside from the stomachache...I hope you feel better soon!

Jessica said...

That sounds like a delicious day at work! haha!
It was great seeing you and your family this weekend! Thanks for letting me know that I can leave comments. I would have never figured it out otherwise!

Katie said...

Hi Jessica! It was great seeing you too. Thanks for reading my blog!

Thanks for laughing with me Lindsay! It was pretty funny, and fun too, even though I lived to regret it.

Justin Kelly said...

Sounds REALLY good.....I know what I'm getting the next time I head to the grocery store :D

Katie said...

You're gonna LOVE it!!