Monday, April 17, 2006

What Makes Life Worth Living?

I recently had a conversation with someone that gave me cause to consider the meaning of life. Yeah, I know. That doesn’t happen every day. This person was struggling with being stuck in a dead-end job that he felt was shameful because he’s extremely over-qualified for it. In pursuing the prestigious career that he wants, he found himself forced to choose between having his dream job and living in a place he enjoys. It was quite a predicament to choose between work and life.

The reason this made me ponder life was that I found it sad to observe a young man whose whole purpose in life seemed to revolve around having a prestigious career. As I thought about his viewpoint, I couldn’t help but consider my own life. I work in an office making a modest salary, I don’t have any letters after my name, and I’m not famous, rich, or extraordinarily talented, yet I’m satisfied. Some people have conveyed to me that I’m not fulfilling my true potential or that I’m not very ambitious, but to me, those things really aren’t that important.

I have work that keeps me productive, I’m able to pursue the things I enjoy, I have a family who cares about me, I’ve learned to find joy in little things, and most importantly, I have a personal relationship with my Creator. Those are the things that life is really made of.

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Jessica said...

That was a really encouraging post, Katie. You said everything so nicely. thanks!!!